Project Management

Project Acquisition Analyses

We evaluate and research the most recent property market to understand the property’s true potential value and any risks involved in the purchase. in due diligence stage to structuring transactions.

Financial Analysis & Solutions

Setting up Project’s feasibility, management strategies and funding solutions to make sure each project would deliver optimistic return for both investors and property buyers.

Development Management Services

Project Full cycle management services including early stage –  marketing and property research, middle stage – project management (construction and council relationship management, cost estimate),  final stage – plan sealing,  settlement management.
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Residential Projects Sales

BriStar offers excellence in end-to-end project sales & marketing and investment solutions. General project sales and marketing services include market research and analysis, tailored marketing strategy and advertising campaign, sales transaction and settlement/post settlements services.
By working alongside the developer from start to finish, our professional team provides comprehensive advice on feasibility studies, design and construction, marketing strategies, selling programs and market feedback.

Our Property Management team are committed to ensuring peace of mind for all investors. We are proud to provide high standard services to both first-time landlords and seasoned experts alike.

We’ve seen significant growth since our inception, fast establishing ourselves in both the Brisbane and South East Queensland markets as we continue to take our place as Australia’s premiere residential property agency.

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We Generate Value

Our expertise is delivering value to the developer. By working alongside you from start to finish, our team provides comprehensive advice on Design & Construction, Marketing Strategies, Sales Programs and Direct Market Feedback.

We Monitor Progress

Our multi-disciplined team has vast experience in large scale off the plan apartment/townhouse developments, house & land packages, and land subdivision. We work closely with you creating the message to advertise your project. Sales feedback and marketing review will be conducted regularly by setting measurable goals, conducting market research, analysing demographic breakdowns and updating budgets.

We Create Branding

Bristar has an in-house designer that can work with your brief to establish project branding and position. We prepare marketing collateral including; Print, Digital, Social Media & Product Design to maximise project value and market appeal.

We Amplify Exposure

We know the market inside and out – we’re experts on end-to-end project marketing. We have an ever-increasing pool of industry & international connections, an in depth understanding of online marketing and events to draw from. We will manage your project release and launch, celebration of construction milestones and special events aimed at creating a rapport with the target audience.

We Deliver Sales

Our expert team will be on hand to assist in setting up the project sales display; including planning, design, styling and installation. From there, our sales consultants operate the display office or home both weekdays and weekends. Additionally we manage sales by coordinating both local and international back-channels.



Bristar Migration & Education Co., Ltd., gathers industry elites and provides high-quality, efficient, and attentive services for overseas high-net-worth people. Over the years, relying on the advantages of the group, it has provided a One-stop service for new migrants to settle in Australia.

Bristar Migration will also help your children choose the best school that is most suitable for your children, enjoy Australian education, and happily life…


Civil Engineering

Bristar Engineers is a small Boutique Engineering company that supplies a very high quality of work that emphasised on Quality of design, detailing and constructability specialising in Civil, Structural and Geotechnical. Our Engineers skill set is based on the company Motto “Encompassing all aspects of Engineering disciplines as a total solution for the Client”. We believe that the current Engineering design philosophy for projects requires multiple engineering disciplines and there is a loss of these multiskilled Engineers in the current industry.

The old school of thoughts whom Engineers are taught to be in various disciplines as provided in the tertiary education has not produced many

multiskilled Engineers in the current Industry. In the days of Engineering services, Engineering consultancy company whom Engineers are employed are rotated to work in each engineering disciplines section over a numbers of years so that Engineers will be able to use their multi skill when running a large or small project. This allowed the Engineers to be able to foresee any potential issues or constraint in design and planning in a project for all engineering disciplines. By having this skill, it will lead to a greater opportunity for Engineers to function as an Engineering Project Manager too in design and construction, resulting in a better project outcome. However, this multi skill is now getting less and rare.

These skills be it in civil, structural, and geotechnical formed part of the core engineering work in Bristar Engineers by having a wholesome solution. Our Engineers services is to supply an economical design concept and buildability of a project rather than a “piece meal” solution from a single engineering discipline and lead to unresolved issues on construction details. In the current business industry, time and delivery is the key success.