Sunnybank Hills

The area surrounding the site is representative of infill residential uses, including freehold lots, multiple dwellings and a range of community uses. The community use area is positioned along the northern boundary of an approved reconfiguration to allow for future residential development to the south and is near a range of community facilities including:

  • Sunnybank Hills Childcare and Education Centre
  • Sunnybank Hills State School
  • Grace Christian Church
  • Symons Road Park

Stage 1

The first stage of the proposed development is the community centre and community use area situated on the proposed south-eastern portion of the developable area which consists of:

  • A building area of 387.1 m2, including a hall which can be used for respite services and as per the definition of a community use
  • Administration area
  • Office space
  • Storage facilitates
  • Dedicated staff facilities
  • 46 car parking spaces for staff and user parking
  • Safe and accessible pedestrian entry from Symons Road
  • An architectural fa├žade that appropriately addresses Symons Road and the internal car park, with a proposed build form designed on functionality, safety and integration into the surrounding landscape

Stage 2

The second stage of the proposed development is an additional office space to be located along the north-western boundary, fronting Symons Road. The development will consist of:

  • An administrative space, associated with stage 1 use, consisting of 75 m2 which will include a meeting room, staff facilitates and general administrative facilities
  • Pedestrian connectivity from the streetscape and car park
  • The development will utilise the car parking providing in stage 1
  • A well-articulated and composite architectural form built on the principles of subtropical design, high aesthetic standards and visual appeal contributing to a vibrant, high quality public domain and streetscape


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