Peter Zhuang

Position: Chairman

Founder and Managing Director of the BriStar Group, Peter completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1991 and worked as an engineer in wastewater treatment for seven years before transitioning to property development.

Working as a town planning coordinator and project manager in China before emigrating, Peter now has over 16 years’ real estate and property development experience in Australia. He as developed five apartment and townhouse projects collectively valued at over $100 million. Peter has a passion for providing expert advice and solutions to overcome any obstacle, with a focus on community. He’s dedicated to creating a platform for property development through his consultancy, marketing, construction, and financial services.

With his unwavering dedication, Peter’s business continues to grow and prosper. His knowledge and experience in both the real estate industry enable him to deliver outstanding services for large-scale projects. Peter is regarded as one of Australia’s top real estate development professionals.


Peter Zhuang originally from China came to Australia in 2005. He is a proud Australian of Chinese Heritage.

Peter involves a number of local community activities, he was the LNP candidate for Stretton in the 2020 state election. Some of his local community organizations titles are,

President, Australian Queensland Shandong Association

President, Queensland Chinese Property Developers Association

Honorary President, Australian Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Honorary adviser, Queensland Chinese Building and Constructions Association

Former Chairman of LNP Chinese Heritage Branch

Administrator, Rotary Club Sunnybank Hills

He is the recipient of the 2019 community spirit award.