BriStar was founded in 2015 by Peter Zhuang and Lynn Cheung with a goal to become a specialist in residential property marketing, offering excellence in end-to-end property marketing management and investment solutions.

At the time of foundation, the company Mission stated a clear intention to be the bright star of astute property marketing and investment, drawing on extensive industry knowledge and expertise.

During the first year, BriStar added Migration and Education Services under the guidance of Director Charlie Gu. The addition of these services saw BriStar immediately able to assist development clients with a continuous supply of overseas investors and potential buyers with the requirement of Migration services. The importance of including Education services also attracts and supports overseas students and new migrants with their property needs.

Early In 2017, BriStar established Development Management Services within the company and has already achieved substantial growth in South-East Queensland. Currently, the PARC series of residential projects are being developed in six suburbs around the capital of Queensland - Brisbane.

With additional speciality services in development, project marketing, property management, migration and education, the BriStar Group has the ability to ensure their clients have the best opportunities across a variety of fields between Australia and around the globe.

The vision of the company was always clear, but the BriStar mission is seeing the company become the bright star of astute property marketing and investment in Australia.