Founded by Peter Zhuang and Lynn Cheung in 2015, BriStar began with a clear goal to be the bright star of property marketing and investment. Drawing on an extensive industry knowledge and wide-ranging expertise, BriStar continues to offer excellent service at all stages of development for residential property projects.

With the addition of Migration and Education services during its first year, under the guidance of director Charlie Gu, BriStar now offers unbeatable support to developers, sourcing an ongoing supply of overseas investors and potential buyers. With our Migration Agents able to ensure a stress-free entry to Australia for immigrants, and our Education services attracting and supporting international students and new migrants, no other agency offers this level of care and dedication.

In early 2017, BriStar introduced our Development Management service. Already achieving substantial growth in South East Queensland with the PARC series of residential projects (with six developments currently in progress throughout Brisbane), we continue to establish ourselves as the dominant service in the region.

With our focus on development, project marketing, property management, migration, and education, BriStar ensures our clients always have the best opportunities in a variety of fields, both in Australia and globally.

As we continue to grow and expand into the future, our vision will always remain clear; to be the bright star of property marketing and investment.