Calamvale Progress

Calamvale construction update

It has been a busy year at our Calamvale site regardless of the pandemic! Construction remains on schedule with title registration already finalised! Furthermore, compaction tests have concluded and received certification with soil tests ready to be undertaken from December 1st. We are on the final stretch now with only 5 lots remaining, now is your last chance if you haven’t already taken the plunge!

Meet the Neighbors at Calamvale

As we have made so much progress, we are hosting a “Meet the Neighbors” event on the 6th of December for the Calamvale residents. This is an opportunity for future residents to meet their community and fellow neighbours! It will be held at lot 17 at Calamvale, 58 Menser Street and will run from 3:30 – 6:30 pm.

*Register by 30th November by calling 1300 822 811 OR email!



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Successes with BriStar Migration: Interview with Elvis

Each month, BriStar Migration meets a new person working in an interesting job overseas. This week, we interviewed Elvis, a student who migrated to Australia  from China with his family and their business. We discuss some of the reasons why they decided to relocate, the process of relocating to Australia and the help that the BriStar Migration team were able to provide them with to assist in the big move.  


It is a big decision to decide to move halfway across the world, when and why did you decide to leave China?

My family decided to move to Australia in 2013. The reason of why I decided to move to Australia is that I wanted to study in a different country where people doesn’t speak my hometown language so that I could learn and grow more from being in such a different environment. Over the last 7 years, I have come to realise that I have the ability to that I can easily suit to any environment without being afraid.  Another main reason for the relocation to Australia is that we wanted to move our family business to a place where there are many opportunities.


With Australia being one of the most appealing location for migrants around the world and with the processes becoming increasingly difficult, what made you reach out to the BriStar Migration to assist you in the process of moving your business to Australia?

Bristar Migration was recommended to us by some friends who moved to Australia before us. They told us that the Bristar Migration team was has a knowledgeable background in the field and that they had the ability to help anyone relocate to Australia who have a business investment visa. This sounded really promising to us so that is why we chose to use the Bristar Migration services. And we are glad that we did!


Knowing what you know now, what are some of the key parts of relocating to Australia that you would like to let other potential migrants know? Furthermore, what are some of the big differences other migrants can expect in culture between China and Australia.

Some of key point that attracted us to Australia in the first place were human rights, freedom, low prices of goods and really good air and food quality.  From my parents’ point of view, they have always thought that Australia is the best country for education and for children and teenagers like me to grow up in. My little sister was only 2 years old at the time and they wanted to make sure that we have all the best opportunities available to us, and Australia was definitely the place for that.


BriStar Migration has made the process of relocating painless for many people – in which areas were the BriStar Migration team able to help you with the most?

Some of the main areas in which the Bristar Migration team were able to help is helping me find an exchange program, finding business investment and locating a suitable place of residence for me and my family. I am very proud to say that my sister and I have both now got our Australian citizenship now which we are very happy about. The Bristar migration team were also able to help us hire local people to work in our health food store, which we couldn’t have done as quickly without the help given by Bristar.  


While there are many challenges involved in the process of migrating, there are also many rewards that come along with it. What has been the most rewarding part of migrating to Australia?

The most rewarding part of migrating to Australia is well-being, such as Medicare, Superannuation and Centrelink. It is also the quality of the education and the security that it provides. Moving to Australia has meant that me and my family have a safe place to live with many great opportunities for all of our futures.


What tips or advice would you like to add, if any, to prepare a future migrant for moving to Australia?

My most important tips that I can give to someone my age moving to Australia is to learn as much English as you can before moving. Get a job, part-time or full-time, as it will make the integration into a new culture and society easier. Getting a job will also allow you to make lots of friends who speak English, and it will make you become a part of the community and Australia as a whole very quickly.


BriStar Migration pride themselves on making the relocation to Australia as easy as possible for its clients. Australia is a great place to live for many migrants and it is important for us to provide everyone with that opportunity. If you have been looking at migrating to Australia, or if you know anyone who needs an upper hand to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible, then don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 822 811 OR visit to submit an enquiry.


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Team Building Retreat at the Kooralbyn Valley

Team Building Retreat at the Kooralbyn Valley

Over the last two days, our dedicated sales and marketing team attended a team-building retreat at the beautiful Kooralbyn Valley. Upon arrival, the team enjoyed a pub lunch together, ready and fueled up for the activities ahead.



After lunch, the team bonded over several team building activities, learning a bit more about each of their colleagues. Some interesting “secrets” and facts unraveled throughout these activities about each team member, and many laughs were shared! Who knew that Joe’s BMI is 24 or that Charlie has a collection of tiny car models? We could feel the team becoming closer by each minute that passed.



Later in the cooler afternoon, the team geared up to practise their golf swings on the driving range for the next day’s 18-hole golf journey. Luckily enough, we had two golfing experts on the team, Shane and Shuli, who were able to give the team some helpful tips and tricks. While several of the team members had never played golf before, we all managed to hit the ball after a few practice swings. The day concluded with presentations from each of the directors, as well as each of the team members. We shared out journeys with BriStar and the future that we envision moving forward. We gathered a good sense of how we can further build on the successes of BriStar as a team, even stronger and more efficient than we were before.




Early the next morning, after a delicious buffet breakfast, the team eagerly set out to put all of their practice to good use. While we can’t say that we have all become golfing experts over-night, we say that it was a day full of fun, laughs and getting to know each other even better




Following these couple of days, we know with certainty that the sales and marketing team have become more like a family. Sharing the same goals for BriStar’s future, this team is eager to achieve the company objectives while supporting one another each step of the way. A strong and connected team is key to the success of every business and we know that 2021 will be an even more successful year for BriStar! We want to say a big thanks to the sales and marketing team who embraced the weekend with all of their energy and to the organizers, Brett and Nian who ensured a successful outcome for the team building retreat!


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The Future for Real Estate in a Post-Covid World

Covid-19 has changed the way in which many industry sectors operate. The health restrictions and social distancing measures have forced businesses to adapt their processes so that they align with government restrictions. This has given rise to rapid adoption of the latest technology in order for businesses to stay afloat in these uncertain times. The Real Estate industry has typically been a slow adopter when it comes to technology, however this has changed significantly amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, where we have witnessed an industry shift towards adaptation. This new trend towards innovative approaches as agents connect with buyers has uncovered new and exciting methods of making sales including; 360 degree video, virtual reality, augmented reality and online contract signing.

From the latter decades of the 20th century and the birth of the information age, digitisation has been at the forefront of commercial industry. Technology continues to evolve with companies spending billions of dollars in making information readily available to their consumers. Covid-19 has brought the real-estate industry into the fold and many experts expect to start seeing a more futuristic approach as we move forward. Studies show that with over 80% of people now searching for property online and Real Estate companies need to continuously adapt to ensure that they are accommodating these buyers.

At the forefront of these innovations is Joe Zhang, an expert in the field. Joe has been in the real estate industry for the last six years and has gained significant insights and knowledge about the property market. Today will Joe share his insights and will highlight key changes in the Real Estate industry. Come with us as he uncovers the future for the property market in Brisbane post-Covid 19 and shares his calculated opinions on what people can expect moving forwards.


1. Good morning Joe! Thanks for being with us today! The Real Estate Industry has had to alter its strategies and processes in order to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic. What would you say has been the most significant changes in the industry since the pandemic?

Thanks, it’s wonderful to be here! Covid-19 has indeed been the single biggest factor of uncertainty that we have experienced since the day I began my career in Real Estate 6 years ago. The most significant changes we’re seeing at this moment is that people are getting more serious about buying or owning their own homes. Renting is no longer the best option for people who have the capacity to buy, and sales have been surprisingly steady due to the reasonable prices in Queensland compared to some other major cities in the country.


2. The home builder grant has been an effective government intervention to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the industry. How do you think the industry would be affected when the Home Builder grand ends?

We’re definitely seeing motivation from buyers to apply for this New Home Builder Scheme which is probably the main reason why most of the transactions during this time went to house & land for under $750,000 threshold. When this does end, I think we’re going to see housing market diversify again where apartments, townhouses and villas are going to pick up again, and house & land will potentially drop slightly. Right now we are seeing apartments artificially undervalued and land slightly overvalued because of these incentives and popular opinion.


3. How has the consumer purchase behaviour shifted from pre-Covid times to the present where uncertainty is a main concern for many buyers?

Before Covid-19 hit, we saw a larger number of buyers who searched for properties before thoroughly researching the project or other options. Now, we’re seeing buyers becoming increasingly savvy, hunting for bargains and coming in with their finance pre-approved, with good knowledge of the project. It is evident to see that buyers are becoming more informed while considering all of their options before locking in a purchase. Conversely, we are also seeing people entering the market earlier than ever with the help of increased government assistance.


4. Since the pandemic, many Real Estate agencies have started to adopt and rely on technology and doing business online. To what extent has the process of buying and selling property been digitized and how do you think it has impacted the overall experience of the customer?

Digitisation has been a rising trend for many years but Covid-19 has really accelerated the shift to the online environment. I think that the Real Estate industry has greatly benefited from the advancements in technology and the internet’s capabilities in this time of the pandemic. We have buyers that purchase houses without having a single inspection in person but instead we use video meetings after which they are comfortable to sign the contract and eventually settle. I would say that the Real Estate industry is very lucky in the way that it is able to do business remotely and adapt very easily with the technology that is made available to us. As real estate agents, I believe that we must adopt these new advancements and use them to enhance the overall customer experience. I think the general public is becoming more open and trusting with the idea of dealing with purchases in an online environment and now is a good time to focus our energy in that direction.


6. What do you think the future holds for the Real Estate industry in a post-Covid world? Regarding customer interaction, customer relationships, property viewing and the adaptation of technology?

We very much look forward to this pandemic coming to an end. I think the changes I would expect and as we’re already experiencing now is that Australians will be much more owner-driven than tenant- driven, meaning most of Australians will seriously consider owning their homes as early as they could and prepare themselves accordingly. We will see more and more online inspections and transactions done now that people have started getting used to the shift online. We will need to keep an eye on the needs of our customers in a technology driven worlds to ensure that their needs are being met and that relationships can continue to form, even in an online space. Regarding the upcoming months with the recent election, I expect to see the interstate demand strengthen in Queensland with a surge in the next few years specifically from Melbourne and Sydney once the border restrictions are all lifted.


While Covid-19 has evidently changed the way in which the world operates, it is hopeful to see that the property market, specifically in Brisbane, is pulling through it. Economist are predicting a strong surge in value over the next two years for Brisbane as low interest rates and availability of credit pushes prices up. According to Westpac, house prices in Brisbane could lead the capital city growth predicted to jump by as much as 20 per cent by 2023. While the pandemic has caused many difficulties that we need to continue to overcome, it has also presented us with many opportunities. There is a lot of room for growth in the Brisbane property market and Brisbane’s economy is set to bounce back stronger attracting many interstate relocators in the future.

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